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CRM's task is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased business productivity and increased sales, customer care services and customer support
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A system enables companies to manage business relationships, data, and associated information

CRMs are customer relationship management software, useful to organize contact information, manage relationships, track interactions and track the entire online and offline experience of your current and potential customers and other contacts.

When it comes to CRM, it usually refers to a contact management system, which is a tool that helps with contact and sales management, productivity and much more.

CRM today is the basic and fundamental platform to manage every marketing and sales activity for any startup, company and organization. CRM systems connect customer information from various sources, including email, websites, physical stores, events, call centers, mobile sales and marketing and advertising efforts online.

With CRM it is possible to store customers, contacts, information,documents, companies, leads and sales opportunities; the goal is simple: to improve business relationships, support and customer Satisfaction.

MYC AIO CRM is an all-in-one solution that helps you keep track of everything related to your team, customers, support, products and services. An intuitive system, built with all the useful tools in a single solution that simplifies and improves relationships with customers, to keep track of sales goals, social media, needs of customers and potential customers.

Keep track of major changes in leads

Your sales team wants to sell without having to fight with messy spreadsheets, search inboxes, or use cumbersome tools that slow them down. With MYC AIO CRM your team will be more focused on market analysis and market research.

Automatically records all activities.

Customer Relationship Management software has evolved in recent years and is now an essential element in business strategy and customer interactions. Each interaction is stored in an ordered timeline, including calls, emails, meetings, and notes.

Create email templates

Turn repetitive emails into templates that you can send in seconds. Create effective and engaging email templates, track performance and share the best with your team fraction to the features of a collaborative crm. Create rich email templates using the email generator and get an advantage by choosing one of the many pre-designed templates.

All your contact information in one place.

You will never need to search in messy mailboxes or spreadsheets to understand your contact history. MYC AIO CRM allows you to have access to all the information with just a few simple clicks.

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MYC AIO CRM helps you achieve your goals!

A CRM system must help you tidy up the chaos of interactions with your customers, allowing you to focus on your potentials instead of always trying to find out what was said last time

Marketing & Sales

MYC AIO CRM automates sales activities and allows the sales team to access their pipeline from anywhere, on any device and to understand consumer needs

Support & Tickets

The entire support team will find it easy to manage daily tasks with a single place to view all customer service communications.

Self Service Customer Portal

Having satisfied customers is fundamental for the growth of your business because satisfied customers buy more goods and more frequently, increasing your turnover and defending yourself from the competition


A workflow or workflow management is the total or partial automation of a business process, in which documents, information or tasks pass from one participant to another to carry out activities, according to a set of rules defined

Reporting & Analytics

An easy-to-use report management system with Dashboard, file sharing and full reports makes important data accessible in real time

Integration & Customization

Capture important data from your website or blog with fully customizable modules and automatically record your system

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