Benefits of workflows and automations

A workflow or workflow management is the total or partial automation of a business process, in which documents, information or tasks pass from one participant to another to carry out activities, according to a set of rules defined

Real-time notifications based on a collaborative model

When the sales, marketing and support teams activate an event in the CRM, from the closing of the offers to the updating of the requests for assistance that respond to the emails, you will receive a notification. Best of all, you'll have a place to analyze and manage all the information exchange.

Process management to automate decision making

Do you want to automatically send a welcome email to a new customer when a deal is closed? What about a follow-up email or customer satisfaction survey when a support request is completed? Or maybe you would like your sales team to receive an encouragement reminder after a certain period of time? You guessed it, with MYC CRM you can do everything. A work process represents the interactions in the form of exchanges of information between different actors such as: humans, applications or services and processes given to third parties. In a practical way, a Workflow can describe: the validation circuit, the tasks to be implemented between the different actors of a process, the times to be respected, the validation methods.

Procedural workflow / SLA management

The SLA must assume the connotation of a flexible and customizable document according to the different needs found within the organization. Thanks to MYC AIO CRM it is possible to identify the fundamental steps for drawing up the Service Level Agreement.

Sync your email and let the system work for you

Set up regular scans for your inbox and the CRM will automatically create and update leads and support tickets every time a new activation event occurs. A workflow engine with which you will never miss an important event thanks to a powerful automation.

Get state-of-the-art data protection

Created with security in mind, our system will automatically update with the latest technology to ensure data security. Control user access, prevent data loss and protect your most sensitive data without having to worry about system updates.


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