Synchronize and Customize your CRM with the website or other software

Capture important data from your website or blog with fully customizable modules and automatically record your system

Maximize your marketing efforts with integration

We can integrate your e-mail client or google account with the crm platform so that your marketing team does not have to waste time writing individual e-mails but they can use already configured templates and easily track their performance to send to their own customers.

Perfectly integrate your website

Capture important data from your website or blog with completely customizable modules and register them automatically in your CRM. If you have a website or a blog created with popular content management systems, such as Wordpress or Joomla (or if your site is based on HTML), it is easy to configure the integration. In this way crm allows you to collect all the data of the potential customer in your crm system.

Synchronize your data with existing software

We can work with existing systems, such as payrolls and accounting software to help you keep things slim. Custom integrations help keep important information visible and ensure that employees work efficiently without having to take the same data multiple times as customer records, products and services in the inventory.

Customize the design with the colors of your brand

With one-click customization tools, you can upload your logo and change the appearance of your CRM without having to make any changes to your system code. You can also customize PDF and e-mail templates directly from CRM to keep the brand fully coordinated.

Custom development to improve customer relations

We understand that every company has a series of unique challenges for achieving the goals. If a specific integration, a custom function or a special automation is needed so that we can focus on the sales objectives, contact us.


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