Marketing to increase sales

MYC AIO CRM automates sales activities and allows the sales team to access their pipeline from anywhere, on any device and to understand consumer needs

Help your sales team close contracts

Let your sellers do what they do best: sell! With MYC's all-in-one CRM, your sales team won't have to manually track information or handle cumbersome spreadsheets. MYC AIO CRM automates sales activities and allows the sales team to access their pipeline from anywhere, on any device, so they can focus on closing operations.

Monitor your leads

When a potential customer places a request on your website, it will be automatically registered and profiled in your CRM. Your staff will not have to waste time recording information but will be able to focus on the effectiveness of their sales campaigns. A Lead record contains information about a person and the company with which they are associated. You can generate leads from trade shows, shopping lists, advertisements, websites, business cards or through a referral.

Operational Marketing with MailChimp integration

Your marketing team will no longer waste time writing individual emails. With the integration of MailChimp, they will be able to send e-mails directly from CRM through already configured and scheduled models. Less time writing e-mails means more time tracking the effectiveness of campaigns.

Improve your sales process and value your customers

Your sellers will have access to powerful automation tools, allowing you to keep track of their opportunities, receive notifications when the time is right to follow up and send proposals and offers to customers, then establish a fair pricing policy to promote product sales or services. In this sense it will help them to close the negotiations and to improve the organizational function faster so that they can spend time finding more opportunities and market research.

Purchase orders, sales and commissions

With MYC's all-in-one CRM you will be able to automatically track commissions for sellers and resellers based on your compensation models and monitoring of offers. You will know exactly when an agreement is won or lost and how it will impact your revenue line. You will have full access to that set of processes that allow you to clearly create and communicate.


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