Export reports and analyze the data in your crm

An easy-to-use report management system with Dashboard, file sharing and full reports makes important data accessible in real time

Comprehensive reports to keep an eye on sales targets

Make Your Cloud AIO CRM is a powerful system for acquiring crucial business and performance information. Easy-to-use dashboard, file sharing and full report make important data accessible in real time for quick achievement of goals.

Analytical CRM with complete reports

Create a custom report, using thousands of filter options to get the exact data you need. Use the predefined reports to quickly access the data of a potential customer or customer. Powerful reporting in a crm platform allows you to make crucial business decisions when they are most important.

Report on sales of products and services

Sound too good to be true? Yes it is. MYC AIO CRM, will automatically and periodically send you e-mails with customer reports, information on the sales of its customers and more to help you stay informed without having to go and look for information.

Generates graphic reports

Some people work better with visual representations of important business data. Our all-in-one system will organize your important business data in an easy-to-understand visual format or in formats that can be exported as csv, xml.

Export reports in multiple formats

Keep business partners and investors informed about your business without having to provide them with access to your system. All reports can be exported to help you share information with the people who matter most.


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