Support software for Support & Tickets

The entire support team will find it easy to manage daily tasks with a single place to view all customer service communications.

Never miss a customer request

Receive automatic real-time notification whenever a customer enters a new support request, adds documents or communicates with your team. Your service will exceed customer expectations by being promptly present in urgent requests.

Organize technical assistance effortlessly

The entire support team will find it easy to manage daily activities by sharing all customer service communications in one place. Tickets can be ordered according to priority and status, helping to guarantee customers the high level of service they expect from their team.

All current and historical customer data in one place

One of the best ways to provide great service is to stay informed about what's going on with the customer and what has happened in the past. Operators will never have to sort emails or spend time with tons of spreadsheets to understand how they can best serve your customers.

Automate redundant tasks

New support tickets and comments will be automatically added to your CRM when they are sent via email or via the self-service portal. Manage service contracts, track usage and automatically update accounting data, all in one place.

Manage your business knowledge and share it with your customers

Update your company's knowledge base and training material directly in your CRM, and your customers will be able to find answers to questions on their own through the online self-service portal.


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