Among the constant barrage of decisions business owners need to make, choosing the right cloud-based software can be one of the most challenging. There are so many options to choose from; it’s hard to be certain you’re making the right choices. Given all the options, where should you begin?

Most savvy business owners start at the core of their business: the customers. That means choosing the right cloud-based CRM. A cloud-based CRM can help you digitize your business, stay organized, and help reduce operating costs.

Given all the benefits, it’s easy to see why implementing a CRM is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. If you’ve already done so, there’s no doubt you’ve seen improved customer service, greater automation, and higher sales numbers.

Chances are, your business is one of the nearly 90% that have already implemented a cloud-based CRM* as of 2018. But how can you be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck? Are you certain you’ve maximized your CRM’s potential?

If you find yourself wondering if you can get an even higher ROI from your cloud-based CRM, you’re not alone. But how exactly can you be certain you’re getting the most value out of your current solution?

The answer is actually quite simple: make sure you’re using the tools that bring the most value to your business and your customers.

A great CRM empowers your employees to work anytime, anywhere.

Today I’m discussing 2 tools everyone with a cloud-based CRM should be using: customer portals and custom, fully responsive themes. Take a look at your current solution and make sure these tools are available (and you know how to use them).

They may not come standard with your software, so make sure to reach out to your CRM provider and ask if you can add them for a low monthly price. Most providers will be happy to evaluate your situation to see if they have a solution to meet your needs. If that’s not the case, ask if they have any partners that have developed these tools to work specifically with your software.

CRM tool #1: A robust Customer Portal to win the loyalty of your customers.

When it comes to maximizing your CRM investment, adding a customer portal is an effective, low-cost option. Implementation is relatively easy, as you’re simply extending your system’s existing data (and support team) to your customers. Yet, it’s a powerful way to increase your business’s level of customer service and help you stand out from the competition.

Give your customers the power to submit their own support requests.

Self-service means happy customers.

A great CRM customer portal will give your customers on-demand access to information about their relationship with your business. Unsurprisingly, most customers prefer to find answers on their own, rather than waiting on the phone for a customer service representative. It’s a win-win for everyone.

With a customer portal, your customers will be empowered to see their account history, access important financial information, pay bills, and communicate with your team - all at the click of a button. Additionally, they can check on the status of support requests. Providing this type of resource is one of the best ways to give your customers a great experience and solidify your reputation as a business with amazing service.

Offer immediate answers to frequently asked questions.

Not only can your customers connect with your business anytime from any device, but they’ll also have access to your company’s knowledge base. They’ll be able to find answers to common questions, retrieve training material and technical documentation, then get back to their important priorities.

Free up your support team to deal with important issues.

Every once in a while, your knowledge base won’t be enough to solve a customer issue. But thanks to the power of your CRM’s customer portal, your support team won’t be spending time answering simple, redundant questions; they’ll be available to help your customers with more challenging issues.

The capacity of your customer portal will allow your customers to submit their requests online and attach relevant documents. This way, your support team will be well-prepared to assist as soon as they contact your customer. This system of streamlined support requests will improve response, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. Again, everyone wins.

A dynamic, customizable customer portal is one of the most powerful extensions for your CRM. After an easy installation and setup, you’ll be on your way to streamlining customer communications, improving the support experience, and gaining loyal customers for life. A customer portal is a no-brainer addition to your current CRM.

CRM tool# 2: A fully responsive theme to keep your business agile.

Choosing the right theme for your CRM not only means customizing the software to fit the unique needs of your business, but also maximizing its agility. Agility means mobility - one of the most important words in business today.

In addition to gaining control of the layout, structure, and appearance of your CRM, a custom theme will help ensure your business and employees are mobile, when necessary.

This is highly important because, in today’s fast-paced business environment, employee and customer needs are constantly changing. An agile CRM offers you the ability to keep up with these changes.

When it comes to mobile tools for business, I realize CRM isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve talked with many CRM users that think their software is useless if they’re not at the office. “But it doesn’t work on my phone!” is a common sentiment.

The problem is, they’re right. Many CRMs aren’t developed as fully responsive. Fortunately, mobility doesn’t have to come at a high price. As mentioned above, if you’ve carefully chosen the right CRM for your business, mobility could be a quick phone call away.

Once you’ve had a chat with your vendor and brought mobility to your solution, you’ll start to see a few key benefits. Most importantly, a fully responsive CRM will help improve sales results and increase the quality of customer service.

A fully responsive CRM helps keep your business agile.

Give your employees instant access to information.

Salespeople need to be armed with as much data as possible, and it needs to be readily available. CRM mobility means your sales reps will always have on-demand access to important information. They should be able to see account and conversation history and up-to-date pricing information, for example. This will help them plan for their sales meetings.

If this information isn’t available at the click of a button, they could fail to make the sale. Worse, it might go to a competitor who was better prepared. Immediate access to prospect information helps sales reps prepare and make the conversations with their prospects and customers meaningful, no matter where the meeting takes place.

See improved sales results.

The best salespeople prioritize meaningful conversations with prospects and customers over everything else. The more time they can spend in front of potential buyers, the better the sales results. Minimizing time spent searching for information, a mobile CRM enables salespeople to maximize the amount of time they spend speaking to prospects which will ultimately lead to more sales.

Experience faster order processing, production, and delivery.

Unfortunately, a salesperson’s laser focus on closing a deal sometimes results in a lack of crucial information being entered into the CRM. When they’re on the road, attending multiple meetings, and talking to several prospects throughout the day, a mobile CRM helps them enter data while it’s still fresh on their mind.

Not only will this help keep data organized, but ultimately the CRM will be used as a platform to submit orders as soon as the deal is agreed upon. This will eliminate any delays in the order processing; the production team can get to work right away.

The sooner the order is placed, the sooner the customer can receive their final product or service, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Improve the understanding of information.

Great salespeople treat prospects like they’re already customers. They know their potential buyer is more than just a name, phone number, and dollar sign. Additionally, potential buyers know the level of service they receive from a salesperson is reflective of how they’ll ultimately be treated as a customer.

If a salesperson can show their potential buyers a high level of service during the sales process, it increases the likelihood of them becoming a customer. And once they become a customer, the data in the CRM becomes valuable to everyone in the organization.

All the meaningful information the salesperson has gathered can now be used by employees in every department to give the customer the high level of service they expect. This is all made possible by real-time access to information, available in the mobile CRM.

Simply put, having a mobile CRM for your business is no longer an option. A fully responsive CRM theme enables responsiveness and will prove to be a valuable tool for sales, customer service, and everyone in your organization.


Today I’ve mentioned 2 tools everyone with a cloud-based CRM should be using: customer portals and custom, fully responsive themes.

I love the level of service a Customer Portal brings to the table. Self-service is a great customer experience and it really helps set businesses apart from their competition. As a former salesperson, I can’t praise mobile CRM technology enough.

If you end up implementing either of these tools, please reach out and let me know about their impact on your business. Remember, they may not come standard with your software, so make sure to reach out to your CRM vendor and ask if you can add them to your current solution.

If you’re a current vTiger CRM user, Make Your Cloud has developed several custom themes for your software, in addition to a highly powerful Customer Portal. For a low monthly price, you can easily gain further control of your vTiger system and increase the loyalty of your customers.

Additionally, Make Your Cloud’s custom vTiger themes will make your CRM fully responsive, bringing all the benefits I’ve discussed today to your business, employees, and customers.

Contact us today and we’ll help you get started.



Posted at 15 Jul, 2018


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