A Customer portal is a real-time customer service platform, secure, where you can share and move information with your customers.

Think of contracts, agreements, instructions, invoices, faqs, news, etc. A customer portal is involved with your customers, but at the same time provides your organization some important benefits:

1. Improve communication

With a Customer Portal, you can store all the information in your CRM. There's no need to send multiple times the same file, sending to multiple contacts may create confusion about the document version. Your customers can access 24hours a day and 7 days a week to all the information you share with them. The information will be always accurate and updated. 

Improve communication

2. Greater satisfaction and customer loyalty 

Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to check at any time they want, the information related to their business. They can be helped with instructions files and faqs, they can directly consult invoices and quotes, or contract that doesn't need your intervention. This system will grow up the satisfaction of your customers, who will stay with you for a long time.

3. Less communication and administration costs

Thanks to our Customer Portal, the communication with your customer will be easier. You could save considerable time and costs on communication, marketing, support, sales, accounting, and administration. Your customers will get a better and faster service without any further efforts on your part. Even better, It will cost you fewer resources.

4. The communication is focused on your customers.

The Customer Portal is a real-time protected platform where you have the control. That means that here you can focus all your communications on your customers. Besides of your website and social media, you will exactly know who has access to some information, and what kind of information. This allows us to differentiate the different customer needs.

Potentially, a customer portal offers huge benefits to your customer and your business. It takes only an initial effort on your part to better set the platform.

Be sure to have the best fitting configuration of your customer portal, by meeting your customers' needs. This will maximize the potential of the MYC Customer Portal.



Posted at 18 Sep, 2017

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