Well, it's true. We are so nice for Christmas! Here for you, 4 free Login Page. You can easily change the Login aspect of your vTiger, and give a new look to your admin page.

You have to replace only one file, and upload the image you want as background. That's it! 2 Minutes to have a new Stylish Login page.  


1) To replace the standard login screen with the one you downloaded, please copy the file you will find at following path:


to the folder:


Note that here you'll probably find another file with the same name (the standard login page), please rename this file or do a copy before pasting the customized one because you'll need it in case you would like to switch back to the official login screen.

2) Last thing: upload the image file you downloaded to (or, if you want a customized image form your computer, simply rename your file as the file .jpg present in Login Folder Name and upload it)


Done :) You got a new look!

Take a look at our 4 Custom Login Page 

1 - Login BePo (from BePo vTigerCRM 7 responsive theme)

Free Download
2- Login Purple

Free Download
3 - Login Green

Free Download
4 - Login Pc
Free Download
If you want to visit the complete demo of our vTigerCRM Themes, please visit our MYC Store here



Posted at 13 Dec, 2017


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