At MakeYourCloud, we’re proud to offer our customers the only full-service customer portal for vTiger CRM.

With the MYC portal, you’re able to configure each important aspect of your CRM to meet the specific needs of your business and extend its features to your loyal customers.

From customer service tools, multiple language support and payment gateways to customization that helps you achieve brand consistency, the MYC customer portal has it all. Simply put, it gives you the ability to supercharge vTiger CRM, without the need to touch a single line of code.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the key features of the MYC Customer Portal and how they enhance your customer relationships.

7 Key Features of the MYC Customer Portal

7 Key Features of the MYC Customer Portal

Website Integration

As with most software investments, the best way to approach implementation is to understand how you can use your new tool to improve the customer experience. The MYC Customer Portal is no different.

In a few easy steps, you can embed the portal directly onto your company’s website. And by seamlessly integrating the MYC portal with your site, you’ll immediately add value to your customer relationships.

For your customers, the value comes in the form of self-service and easy access to information.

When customers visit the MYC portal on your website they’re able to quickly enter support requests, check the status of existing requests, make payments, and find important support information via your company’s knowledge base.

Allowing your customers to access these important tools on their own time, from any device, is a great way to show them you understand their needs. After all, we know that today’s consumer expects instant gratification and wants to interact with your business, pay bills, and get information via their smartphone.

By integrating the MYC portal with your website, you’ll not only streamline customer communications and improve your customers’ support experience but you'll also strengthen your brand.

Providing your customers with easy-to-use, robust technology will help your reputation as a company that stays up to date with the best tech available.

Responsive Design

The MYC Customer Portal is fully optimized for mobile devices. This allows your customers to connect with your business and use the time-saving features of the portal when they’re on the go. Your customers can access their account history, enter support requests, pay bills, and communicate with your team--anytime, anywhere.

View Types

Everyone has different needs when it comes to organizing business data, as do your customers when it comes time to look up information about their relationship with your business. This is where another powerful feature of the MYC Customer Portal comes into play.

There are six different view types exclusive to the MYC portal. This means you’re able to change the way your data is presented and organized for your customers, and provide information based on their individual needs.

MYC Customer Portal View Types

  • List: Create a column layout based on custom fields and set the number of records shown on each page.
  • Grid: Create a grid with custom fields. For example, when viewing product data, you can include a picture of the product, along with a description and its manufacturer. You can also switch between list view and grid view with one click.
  • Kanban: Give your customers full visibility into important projects. Organize tasks by status and view the overall progress of each individual project.
  • Calendar: Share information about important events with your customers in a calendar format.
  • Gantt: Give your customers visibility into project progress by showing tasks on a timeline. Allow them to click on individual tasks to see full detail.
  • Details/Edit: Decide which fields you want your customers to view and edit, allowing them to keep individual records updated.

As soon as you configure the MYC Customer Portal, all six view types are available, allowing your customers to access and view important information in a way that’s appropriate to their individual situation.

PayPal & WorldPay Integration

PayPal & WorldPay Integration

The MYC Customer Portal is fully-integrated with PayPal and WorldPay, allowing you to accept customer payments directly from your website in any payment-supported CRM module. When you receive payments from your customers the system will automatically update the related record in your CRM. With this powerful automation, you’ll also see real-time payment status updates.

The best part: your customers can quickly make payments right from their smartphone

Multiple Language Support

The MYC Customer Portal has a built-in translation system. This powerful and dynamic tool will download language sets that you’ve configured in your CRM. Whenever you make a modification to data within your system, it’s automatically available to your customers in their preferred language

PDF Maker

You can use this tool to create PDFs within any module or your CRM, then upload them directly to the MYC Customer Portal. With this feature, any time you have an important document to share with your customers you can make it immediately available for them to access within their customer portal


The portal provides a host of customization tools that allow you to provide a unique experience for your customers while staying consistent with your brand’s message.

With one click, you’re able to upload your logo, change the portal’s appearance, and customize the information your customers see on their dashboard. You can also control widgets and set up news feeds from your Facebook and Twitter accounts, which helps to further the relationship you’ve created with your customers online.

As the only full-service customer portal for vTiger CRM, the MYC Customer Portal is giving businesses everywhere the ability to enhance their brand and give their customers world-class service experiences.

If you’re a relatively new vTiger user, it’s important to note the traditional vTiger customer portal functionality is limited to support tickets, invoices, file sharing, and knowledge base access.

The 7 key features discussed today outline some of the many enhancements we’ve made to the traditional portal, and they are exclusively available within the MYC Customer Portal.

vTiger Customer Portal
Compatible With: The only alternative to the vTiger CRM Customer Portal which guarantees a homogeneous and efficient insertion method for its customers and a perfect integration with vTiger Open Source.




Posted at 31 Jan, 2019

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