Thanks to this function, already included in MYC Customer Portal PRO, you could manage different access groups, that will have different permissions and configurations.

Let's make some example to better understand the operation!

We have our CRM, with most of our customers in organizations, almost always subdivided in administration section (quotes, invoice, payments) called the group accounting, and another group that manages technical section (support through ticket, refunds, held desk) called technical.

By our choice, we don't want to display invoices, quotes or payments to the group technical, but we want they can access to tickets so that they can always ask for support.

Within our vTigerCRM, by using a field like “department” we will define who will be the accounting operator and who will be a technical operator, in the different company customers.

For convenience, we can create a picklist with the two selections, or use the default vtiger field.

Done this, we can pass to the configuration of Customer Portal.

In Customer Profiles fields we have poor but important functions.

  • Profile Name: We're gonna submit the name of the group, in this case, we will start with “accounting”.
  • Condition Operator: here we will define the rules of conditions, if they can be all matched, or if we have just one condition to respect.
  • Match Conditions: at the end, we will set the conditions for the group. In this case, it will be “department = equals = accounting”.

Once we created the accounting group, we're gonna repeat the same action, by creating a new profile called technical, with conditions department = equal = technical.

Once we created both profiles, we're gonna set this configuration in the various modules.

In this example quotes, invoices and tickets.

If you have a custom module for the payment management, you could repeat the operation also with your module.

Let's start from Invoice, we will see the voice “Allowed Customer Profiles”; here we're gonna set only the accounting Profile.

We're gonna repeat the same operation with our quote module, and potentially with our custom module for payments.

At the end, in the tickets module, we will submit both groups, accounting and technical, so that the assistance request can be shown to both groups.

With this configuration, all contacts that belong to accounting group would have access to modules like quotes, invoice, custom modules for payments and tickets.

Who belongs to the technical group would only access to tickets for the support request.

This solution is just one example of the many use cases that you may have.

This configuration can be set for all the modules that are in your vTigerCRM, like Sales Order, Purchase Order, and all the custom modules that you want to share with your customers.

If you need to outline/profile the customers in your customer portal of vTigerCRM, please Contact us, and we will study together the best solution to your needs!



Posted at 20 Sep, 2017

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