Keeping your customer information always up to date is vital, by failing you could be throwing money down the drain. Take a look at this example of a typical process of business needs, solution, and what's changed.

Business needs

Having customer records up-to-date, without the need to spend money and time by editing fields within your CRM, having accepted quotes, and directly accept payment through a private area with the possibility to show some products to own customers.

The solution

The configuration of MYC Customer Portal to let the editing of data to own customers. So, everytime the customers access to MYC Customer Portal, they can edit all the info about their profile, the editing of company fields, and so many choices, as a newsletter reception, or the choice to accept or not a quote, and the possibility to manage a payment through PayPal. 

What's changed?

The most important aspect about the customer request, that is having customer records always up-to-date. Furthermore, thanks to the customer portal, the customer will not spend more resources from his staff to upgrade the customer records, or edit the data, send quote, know the price and the availability of a product, wait for the response and the payment of the customer.

All this is automatically processed, without the need for staff to assist him.


Thanks to the MYC Customer Portal, the customer could invest resources before destinated to profilation of customer, for other else, just because the greater part of work, before made manually, now, it's managed by customers, that at the same time will feel more involved and will appreciate more the system, that will make them autonomous to consult or edit their own data or own quotes. 

If you have these needs, please Contact us, we will study your case for the best solution, to integrate your CRM to MYC Customer Portal.



Posted at 20 Sep, 2017

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