Nowadays, more and more companies are sharing information about how their policies and practices affect their customers. You may have noticed this recent trend in the form of companies releasing “transparency reports.”

But is this to better serve customers, or is it more of a CYA-type thing?

Considering the frequent news regarding privacy and user data of the world’s software behemoths, the motives are questionable at best.

For MakeYourCloud, there’s no ulterior motive.

Keeping our customers up to date on what’s happening behind-the-scenes helps us provide our customers with the best possible customer service. It’s the kind of thing that helps us show you we’re more than just a software company, we’re your business partners.

That’s why in this post, I’m going to give you the complete breakdown on what we’ve been working on over the last several months.

Our business today

For many years, our business has been centered around providing add-ons and services for vTiger CRM.

Our Customer Portal is a way for vTiger users to enhance their customer relationships by offering a way to streamline communications, improve support experiences, and enhance their company’s brand.

We provide affordable themes for vTiger users looking to customize their system’s interface with a professional, responsive design. And we use our CRM expertise to help out the vTiger community when users feel stuck, need help with customization, or want to do something differently but they’re not quite sure how.

We’ve spent many years serving the vTiger community and we’re grateful for the relationships we’ve developed along the way. We will continue to serve the vTiger community and plan to be a trusted resource for vTiger users for many years to come.

What we’ve been working on

    Within the next few weeks, you’re going to notice a big change to our website.

    From a more user-friendly layout to additional resources and product tutorials, it will be a completely new user experience for our site’s visitors. You’ll find it very easy to navigate and much more informative.

    Our new ‘Resources’ section, in particular, will include more robust FAQs, product tutorials, and advice for startups, sales, and support teams to help get the most value from their CRM investment.

    In addition to a completely redesigned website, you’ll continue to see new blog posts on a regular basis. We’ve published a lot more content over the last several months, so be sure to check out our other posts for insights about CRM software, sales, customer service, and helpful tips about MYC products.

    An end-to-end online solution for SMBs

      Helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their CRM experience over the years has led us to notice that many of them are being underserved. Often CRM just isn’t enough.

      Many companies have started to recognize the importance of an all-around digital marketing strategy. From establishing a stronger web presence and publishing content to setting up eCommerce platforms there are a number of things that can be done to capture more attention and drive sales online.

      But a lot of SMBs simply don’t have the resources to make it all happen.

      With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’re increasing the size of our team so we can expand on the services we already offer.

      For businesses looking for an end-to-end online solution, we’re establishing a dedicated web agency. This means, in addition to our CRM services, we’re going to provide services for development, web design & hosting, and content writing.

      We feel this will help strengthen the digital footprint of SMBs looking to move crucial parts of their business online.

      An all-in-one CRM

        An all-in-one CRM

        To round out our end-to-end solution for SMBs that need an improved digital marketing strategy, we’ve developed a CRM that will connect directly to customer-facing platforms. This means businesses using any of our digital services mentioned above will have a seamlessly integrated backend solution.

        Of course, our all-in-one CRM also delivers important functionality around sales & marketing automation, customer support, and reporting & analytics. Here’s a quick snapshot of what you can expect from our new CRM:

        • Sales & Marketing: You’ll be able to manage your pipeline more efficiently and automate lead tracking to help your sales team win more deals. You can also manage email campaigns with MailChimp integration.
        • Customer Support: With automated notifications, your support team will be able to provide timely service and never miss a customer request. You’ll also be able to effortlessly organize support tickets, so your team can stay organized and handle the most pressing issues first.
        • Customer Portal: By integrating your website with the customer portal, you’ll be able to streamline your service processes and reduce labor costs.
        • Reporting & Analytics: Strong reporting will allow you to manage your business with total visibility, understand important metrics, and make crucial decisions without the need for complicated analysis.
        • Integration & Customization: Every business has unique needs, so we’ve made it easy to sync data with your existing software and make design changes with one-click customization. And if you need custom development, we can handle that too.

        MakeYourCloud’s AIO CRM works great for businesses that also have eCommerce, web design, and hosting and security needs.
        Our all-in-one CRM integration means we’re able to ensure smooth, seamless operations throughout all digital aspects of your business.

        A new partner program

          Last but certainly not least, we’ve decided to offer a new partner program for anyone interested in increasing their revenue through a reseller model. Our sales partner program is for software resellers, consultants, and technical administrators interested in offering MakeYourCloud’s products or services to their existing or potential customers.

          Joining our sales program means you’ll be able to transform the way your clients sell, market, and support their customers. Once you become a partner, you’ll make the sales—we’ll do the implementation, customization, and support—and you earn a commission for each new customer that comes on board.

          It’s simple and straightforward. Reach out to us if you’d like to learn more.

          What’s next?

          What’s next?

          Right now we’re focused on making our new products, services, and sales program a huge success.

          As our team grows, it will be exciting to find more ways to help our clients better serve their customers and grow their businesses.

          That’s all! I hope this behind-the-scenes look into our business has helped you understand that we’re committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients and helping businesses all over the world find more success online.

          Do you need our support?
          Helping your business to improve the CRM experience



          Posted at 15 Mar, 2019


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