Today’s tutorial will walk you through how to update the MYC Customer Portal for vTiger CRM.

We periodically release updates to the portal to give you and your customers an even better user experience, in addition to ensuring your system stays secure. Updating your Customer Portal is a relatively quick process that will allow you to take advantage of the new features and functionality of the portal.

To check if there’s an update, log into your portal configuration area and click the ‘License and Updates’ tab. 

This will allow you to see which version of the portal you’re currently running. If an update is available, you’ll notice there’s an ‘Update’ button in your configuration area. You’ll also see an alert at the top of your screen each time an update is released.

When you click the ‘Update’ button, the update process will begin automatically. Sit back and relax as the update downloads the latest source files from our servers and replaces the core files with the most recent versions. When the update is finished, the page will reload automatically and (voila!) your software will be up to date.

It’s important to note that during the update process, a full backup of your portal’s root directory will be saved in the following folder: 


This will override your old files, so be sure??

In this section you will also find the button Download CRM Module, clicking on it you'll get the most updated sources of the installable MYC Portal Extension for your CRM, we really encourage you to update your CRM extension after each portal update.

vTiger Customer Portal
Compatible With: The only alternative to the vTiger CRM Customer Portal which guarantees a homogeneous and efficient insertion method for its customers and a perfect integration with vTiger Open Source.




Posted at 27 Mar, 2019


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