Thanks to a new feature in PDFMaker by Its4you, now it's possible to export pdf documents from any module of vTigerCRM in our MYC Customer Portal.

Let's see how to do it:

1) First of all you should ensure to have the last version of PDFMaker and last version o MYC Customer Portal, then in your pdf templates in the CRM you should only check the box "Set for Customer Portal" , available in the PDFMaker settings tab of the PDF template you want enable, this checkbox is now available for all the vTiger 7 modules.


2) Once you enabled this function on the PDF template in your CRM, then you should check the “PDF Download Enabled” option for the module configuration you want to made exportable in your MYC Customer Portal.

This feature, thanks to the collaboration between ITS4YOU and MakeYourCloud is now possible on all of vTigerCRM modules, even the custom ones. If you have special needs to share documents with your customers, please, feel free to contact us, we are sure we can help you!



Posted at 08 Jan, 2018


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