vTigerCRM Version 7 came surely with new features and some improvements of existing features, but with a big leaking about responsive sections.

We improved the user experience design, improved the new Menu Sidebar on left, all the related modules, and redesigned Module List, Summary, Detail and Edit View.

Main differences between Se7en theme and vTiger 7 original 

  •  Fully responsive Redesigned Login 
  •  Redesigned css buttons
  •  Redesigned navigation menu sidebar in mobile
  •  Quick Create in mobile
  •  Sidebar module in mobile
  •  Related module in mobile
  •  User & Preferences link in mobile
  •  Redesigned all modules header in mobile
  •  Redesigned Mail Manager in mobile
  •  Redesigned Module Summary, Detail and Edit View 

Login page 

To replace the standard login screen with the one provided with our themes please copy the file you will find at following path:


to the folder:


Note that here you'll probably find another file with the same name (the standard login page), please rename this file or do a copy before pasting the customized one because you'll need it in case you would like to switch back to the official login screen.


See the differences between Se7en and vTiger official

Contact List view

Redesigned css sidebar, color buttons, and optimized the experience from the mobile device. The Sidebar is also visible from the mobile devices.  

Contact Detail view

Redesigned Module Detail and summary view and optimized from the mobile device. 

Contact Detail view (mobile)

Redesigned Module Detail View, redesigned all modules header in mobile, and Related modules also visible on mobile.

Contact Edit view (mobile)

Redesigned Module Edit View.



Posted at 28 Sep, 2017

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