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How to Update MYC Customer Portal for vTiger CRM

Welcome back to the tutorials section of the MYC blog. Today’s tutorial will walk you through how to update the MYC Customer...

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Exciting Updates from MakeYourCloud

Nowadays, more and more companies are sharing information about how their policies and practices affect their customers. You may have noticed this recent trend in the form of companies releasing “transparency reports.”

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7 Key Features of the MYC Customer Portal

With the MYC portal, you’re able to configure each important aspect of your CRM to meet the specific needs of your business--and extend its features to your loyal customers.

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Customer records up-to-date in MYC Customer Portal

Keeping your customer information always up to date is vital, by failing you could be throwing money down the drain. Take a look at this example of a typical process of business needs, solution, and what's changed.

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Customer Profiles with vtiger CRM and MYC Customer Portal

Thanks to this function, already included in MYC Customer Portal PRO, you could manage different access groups, that will have different permissions and configurations.

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4 good reasons why your business needs an online portal

A Customer portal is a real-time customer service platform, secure, where you can share and move information with your customers. Think of contracts, agreements, instructions, invoices, faqs, news, etc. A customer portal is involved with your customers, but at the same time provides your organization some important benefits

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