Use of action buttons to close a ticket

With this new extraordinary feature, you will be able to quickly get one-click reactions from your customers through customized buttons. For each module configuration you can create as many buttons as you need and for each button you can set the button label, color, icon, obviously, you can also set the specific conditions that should be matched to show each button and which fields should be updated with which values when the customer press the button, it’s also possible to redirect the customer to a new related record creation screen using action buttons.

Let's see an example. First of all, we'll start with the admin section.

On the first example, we should create an action button on Ticket modules, so that when the customized button "close ticket" will gonna be clicked, the status of the ticket will gonna be "closed".

Primarily we will create the customize button, so we will set the name, the color and the icon to be displayed.


Right afterward we're gonna set the conditions to make visible the button, so in this case, the condition set is "show the button when the status of ticket is different form closed"


Thanks to this configuration, every time that one of our customer will close a ticket, the status will change to closed

The result, that is what our customers will see, will be this: the chance to close a ticket and update automatically the status field!

Use of action buttons to create a new ticket from the product

Another example could be the creation of a new ticket starting from the product!

So, in this case, the goal is to give the chance to open a new assistance request (ticket) starting from the product. So, from the admin section in the products tab, we will go to the action buttons.

In this specific case, we're not gonna care about setting the conditions, since "I want it always visible", but i will set the name of the button, the icon, the color and the creation of the related record, in this case, "create a new ticket"


The result, that is what our customers will ses, will be this: the chance to create a new ticket starting from the product! 


Demo of "Use of action buttons to close a ticket" 



Demo of "Use of action buttons to create a new ticket starting from the product " 



NoteIf you already find a closed ticket, you can open a new one;
If data are yet filled: for the admin : admin - admin, for the user : - demo 

So, as you will understand, the chances are unlimited, because it's possible to use these "action buttons" on every native module, and also on customized ones of vtiger crm. This will give you the chance to use our logic in the configuration of the MYC Customer Portal, by making your configurations based on your custom-made needs. 
If you have these needs, and if you need our MYC Customer Portal, and a custom-made configuration that embrace your customers needs, please, feel free to contact us by clicking on this link
We will be happy to find the best solution for you!



Posted at 27 Feb, 2018


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