• PHP Installed Version 5.6.x / 6.x / 7.x
  • PHP Extension php-pdo and php-pdo-sqlite
  • PHP Extension php-mcrypt
  • PHP Extension ZipArchive
  • PHP Extension php-curl
  • Apache Module mod_rewrite

First Installation

  1. Login to our support portal at the url with the credentials you receive after your purchase
  2. Click on the Products tab on the left sidebar
  3. Click on the MYC Portal product link in the shown product list
  4. Download the attachment from the product details page
  5. Extract the zip then upload the install-myc-cp.php file in the root folder where you want to setup your MYC Portal
  6. Ensure that the .htacess file is not present in the portal root directory, if there should be please remove it
  7. Point your browser to the file just created, your url should look like the following http://your-portal-url/install-myc-cp.php or http://your-portal-url/some-directory/install-myc-cp.php
  8. You should see now the pre-installation checks pageif all the requirements are met then you can proceed with the software setup, put your license key on the bottom box then press the install button.
  9. At the end of the installation setup, you will be automatically redirected to the first configuration wizard.

Configuration Wizard

Step 1

  1. Choose the platform you're going to connect to this portal instance
  2. Download the installer zip for your platform
  3. Install the extension module in your CRM following the installation procedure as described in the wizard
  4. Insert your platform url in the "Platform URL" field, you should but the url as follow: http://your-crm-url or http://your-crm-url/some-directory
  5. Insert your CRM USERNAME taking the username of the user you want to use as a portal user from your CRM instance (you should create new user in your CRM so you can better manage his privileges).
  6. Insert your CRM API KEY taking it from the user profile page of the user you want to use as portal user from your CRM instance.
  7. Press the Next button, if the connection from the portal and your crm will complete successfully then you'll be prompted to the step 2
Myc Setup Step1

Step 2

  1. Insert the administrator username you want to use to login in your portal configuration area
  2. Insert the administrator password you want to use to login in your portal configuration area
  3. Insert the administrator email you want to use to receive the portal notifications and reset your portal administator password
  4. Press the Next button, then you'll be prompted to the step 3
Myc Setup Step2

Step 3 & 4

  1. Accept our license, then click Finish to go to the step 4
  2. Press the Configure Your Portal button, then you'll be redirected to the portal configuration areawhere you'll be able to start configure your portal (the first time you login you must activate your portal putting your license key and clicking the activate button)
Myc Setup Step3 Myc Setup Step4