Get Paid Fast

If a proper payment gateway is configured in the portal general settings then you'll be able to accept payments from practically any module from your crm, you just need to have a numeric field from which retrieve the payment amount.

In this tab you'll be able to set the following options:

  • Enable Payment: with this option, you can enable/disable the "Pay Now" button visible on the top of each record.
  • Payment Amount Field: here you must set which field will be used for each record to retrieve the payment amount, any numeric field can be used.
  • Payment Currency Field: You can set here the module field to specify the used currency for each record, if set to default then the general portal currency will be used.
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Update records when a payment is processed

With this feature you can update your record values when a payment is processed from the portal, for example, you can choose to automatically change some payment status picklist or update any other value when your customer complete a payment.

You can set as many fields you need and you have two possible cases after a payment is processed, the cases are On Success Payment and on Cancel Payment.

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