Module Concept

Due to the new dynamic architecture, the MYC Portal platform allows you to interact practically with any module in your CRM. A module configuration is a set of rules related to a single module in your CRM that you can tweak to allow or not actions (like commenting, pdf export, attachments upload, create, edit etc.. ) and to choose which records and fields show, using an intuitive and familiar condition system, like you are creating a filter in your CRM.

All the portal module actions and configurations are available for any module in your crm, independently of his name and scope, for example you can allow your customer to comment on any module that has the comment feature enabled in your CRM, the same is for the upload feature, just need that the module in question has a relationship with the Documents module.

A really important feature is that you can create multiple configurations for the same module, for example, you may have a configuration for the "Open Tickets" with comments and attachments upload enabled and a view called "Closed Tickets" with comments and attachments upload disabled.

Create a module configuration

To create a new module configuration you just need to login to the portal configuration area then click on the "Add Module" green button visible at the bottom of the left sidebar.

At this point a popup will be shown from the bottom with 3 options to set to create your module configuration, the options are the following:

  • Source Module: this is the module that you want to configure from your CRM.
  • Module Route (url): this is the url that will be used by your customers to reach the module, it can be customized as you need but is required to be unique, so no other configurations will have the same url.
  • Module Label: this is the label that you want to set the following configuration, you customers will see it in the left sidebar module list and all the actions related to this specific module configuration.
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