Related Record

From this section you'll be able to show record related to the current module through the related list tab in your CRM, this, for example, will allow you to show Documents related to a specific record, or Tasks and Tickets related to a specific Project etc... 

For each related module you may see different linking options, this will happen when you have some configuration yet enabled in your portal for the related module, in such case you can choose to which configuration the customer should be redirected when clicking on the related record to see the details.

Example: A practical example could be done with the ticket module, for example you can have two configurations one called "Open Tickets" and the other "Closed Tickets" then another configuration for the Projects module where you want to show tickets related to the projects, in this case, you can choose to show all the related records or pick the two configurations and show filtered records (relationship with opened tickets and relationship with closed tickets) with specific links to the configuration.

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