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MakeYourCloud AIO CRM is an all-in-one solution that helps you keep track of everything related to your team, customers, sales and support . It is an intuitive CRM , built with all the tools an activity needs.

Improve your activities

Eliminate manual processes and don't slow down your employees. Increase the efficiency of your team by automating your processes and registering how each department operates.

Keep the data organized

MYC AIO CRM is a powerful system for acquiring information on business and on the progress of activities. Easy-to-use dashboards, file sharing and comprehensive reports make important data available to all members of your organization in real time.

Increase sales

With MYC AIO CRM, your sales team will have the tools necessary to track leads, communicate with potential customers, do business and stay organized in business.

Understand your customers' needs

MYC AIO CRM acts as a centralized database for all the relevant data of our customers. With the click of a mouse, you will easily understand the buying habits, communication preferences and demographics of your customers .

Synchronize your data with existing software

We can work with your current accounting software or your electronic invoicing software . Custom integrations help share important information and ensure that employees work efficiently .

State-of-the-art data protection

Created with security in mind , our system uses the latest technology to ensure data security. Control user access, prevent data loss and protect your most sensitive data .

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MYC vTiger Customer Portal

Grow your business with great customer service. The only complete vTigerCRM customer portal that will help you retain your customers .

Make your customers participate

Your customers will have the power to view their account history, access their important financial information, open support requests, pay invoices and communicate with your team.

Simplify processes

Improve customer response and satisfaction by allowing your customers to submit their requests online and attach relevant documents. Your support team will always be ready to assist as soon as your customers contact you, managing priorities and tasks.

Help your sales team

A detailed history of call logs and access to up-to-date customer information will help your sellers stay informed and avoid embarrassing phone calls.

Convert requests to FAQ

Thanks to the power of the MYC Customer Portal , your support team will not spend time answering simple redundant questions . You can convert customer requests into internal or public FAQs and they will be available to solve your future critical problems.

Reduce labor costs

Simplified processes and self-service means reducing the workload of support staff. Doing more with fewer employees is a win for your profits.

Offer immediate answers

Thanks to frequently asked questions , your company's knowledge base and training materials , your customers will be able to find the answers to their questions on their own.

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