MYC Portal

Easily adapt the portal behavior to your business logic!

Local numbers
Set Default Module

You can set the default module between any module.

Custom Dashboard

For each module you can enable or disable the dashboard widget then choose the widget type and set a grouping filed for the calculations.

Call queue
Accept Payment for any Module

The dynamic payment system allows you to accept payments from any configurable module.

Update records when a Payment is processed

you can set one or more update conditions to automatically update the values of a record field when a related payment is processed, you can create different update conditions for success payments or cancelled payments.

agent availability status
Product detail with gallery

You can show to your customers only the informations that they need preventing they to see unwanted data.

Related Module

Automatically store customer history informations, businesses docs and all their previous data.

Call logs
Default view type

You can set the default view for each module, and choose if enable or not the other types of view, between List, Grid, Kanban, Gantt and Calendar; you can also set the fields for each view and the number of entries per page.

Grid view type

You set one or more combined conditions to show only the records that respect that rules based on the record field value.

Call logs
Optimized with any device

Give your customer a powerful platform perfectly suitable for any screen size, phones, tablet, laptops, desktops, full hd and also 4k screens.

MYC Customer Portal

MYC Customer Portal

The MakeYourCloud Portal mission is to create powerful and easy to use solution to give to your business all the tools to open your CRM datas to your customers/users and allow easy interaction and manipulation giving you the ability to configure all the aspect of your Portal platform without the need to touch a single line of code or change anything in your crm.

The simplified processes and the modularity of the platform open a lot of possibilities and possible uses, our plan is to have an even stronger software the may become a standard dynamic platform for controlled data interactions with external peoples and the CRM, we will constantly update our platform adding new features and expanding the platform compatibility to even more CRM platforms.

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Adapt easily the portal behavior to your business logic. With the many configuration parameters available in the portal you will be able to easily adapt it to your reality, changing quickly the localization preferences, date formats, reordering your modules, adding your payment gateways and currencies.

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MYC Customer Portal Dynamic
MYC Customer Portal Customize your logo


Upload your logo with one click and show your organization infos, links to your website legal informations or anything you need it your portal login screen.

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Easy setup wizard, just two click installation, and instant updates noticed by our updates email and an alert in your portal configuration area.

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