Know what features you get with each MYC plan

MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.3)
  • Improved list view loading speed
  • Added hidden comments support (vTiger 7)
  • Improved comment looking and newlines
  • Better check/error reporting (redirect to list) on create view with missing mandatory values
  • Added new date format options
  • Improved change password api supporting smtp configuration
  • Added quick create buttons on left sidebar
  • Added create view as default module view
  • Improved license check behavior to fix lost license issues
  • Fixed issues on admin login redirect
  • Added option to show the blocks in detail view opened by default
  • Added option to show the related blocks in detail view opened by default
  • Added records count indicator in the related blocks header in detail view
  • Enhanced the dynamic logged customer filters to prevent wrong configurations
MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.2.5)
  • Added WorldPay Payment Gateway
  • Added Loader Overlay on Customer and Admin login
  • Added Edit View option as default module view (If only one record is found)
  • Improved record edit view layout, now fields are arranged on two columns
  • Fixed problem with Upload Document and PayNow modals not working on mobile
  • Improved condition and update fields reactivity and translations
  • Added related fields support for all the condition and update fields
  • Added dynamic values from logged contacts for all the condition and update fields
  • Added record list dashboard widget
  • Added option to set direct detail view as predefined view if one record found
  • Added multipicklist fields support in conditions
  • Enhanced update conditions to prevent wrong configurations on non-editable fields
  • Enhanced theme engine with support for custom base layouts
  • Enhanced roles assignment on new module configuration
  • Fixed Inherited View Topbar visibility when no modules available
  • Fixed problem on saving related modules
  • Preventing preset/editing of non editable fields
  • Fixed change password, updated MYCExtendedWebservices module to v1.1.5
  • Added link field support for list and detail view
  • Added styled toggle for checkbox fields
MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.2)
  • Customer Profiles, You can choose to show different configurations depending on the type of logged customer using the powerful Customer Profiles system. Read more full article about Customer Profile
  • Action Buttons, With this new extraordinary feature, you will be able to quickly get one-click reactions from your customers through customized buttons.
  • Dynamic and Related Fields, You can also use relationship fields for your conditions, so it will be easy to show only records related to another specific record or set a relationship field when an action button is pressed.
  • New Widgets, You can now use three new widgets in your portal, Facebook and Twitter widget
MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.1.9)
  • Added dynamic conditions that allow to filter records based on the logged contact record values
  • Fixed reset password bug from the my preferences page for the logged user,
  • Fixed a bug on create/edit configuration not showing correctly the saved values,
  • Fixed error pages in the configuration area when configured fields got deleted from crm,
Read full article about the new Dynamic Filter Conditions

MYC Customer Portal PRO (NEW Action Buttons v 1.1.7)
  • Quickly get one-click reactions from your customers through customized buttons. Read full article about Action Buttons
MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.1.6)
  • Added the Customer Profiles feature that will allow you to show different configurations for different customers
  • Fixed pagination problem not showing the last page in some case
  • Increased general page loading time
  • Improved form validation for Create/Edit form and added submit button lock to prevent duplicate records creation
  • Fixed problem with not writeable session path on some server configurations
MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.1.5)

MYC Customer Portal PRO (v1.1.4)
  • Removed the need of .htaccess
  • Improved the setup process for better server compatibility
  • Fixed problem while doing actions on module with more than 100 records
  • Improved dashboard charts
  • Added date format


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