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Official vTiger Customer Portal
MYC Customer Portal for vTiger
Available Modules Faq, Invoices, Tickets, Quotes, Products, Services, Documents, Assets, Project Milestones, Project Tasks, Projects, Service Contracts ALL Vtiger Customer Portal Modules + Events, Sales Orders, Leads, Campaigns, Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Purchase Orders, Vendors, Price Books and ALL Custom Modules
Set the Default Home module
Custom Theme Colors
Colored Sidebar Option
Payment Gateways Management
Customer Roles/Profiles
Dynamic and Related Fields
Action Buttons
Social Widgets
Customizable Module Labels
Multiple module configurations for the same module
Custom module Icon
Module PDF Download (PDFMaker Compatible)
Records Visibility Conditions
Records Visibility Inheritance
Show Module on Dashboard
Customizable Detail View
Show Related Modules
Show and receive comments Only for Tickets
Upload related documents Only for Tickets
Create Records Only for Tickets
Edit Records
Update records with predefined values on Edit\Create
Show Inventory Rows
Custom Dashboard widget charts
List view & Fields Management
List view custom entries limit
Calendar View
Grid View
Grid view custom entries limit
Kanban View
Gantt View
Default View Selection
Accept record payments
Update records when payments are processed
Support and Updates
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