Try the potentials of this portal by setting all kind of parameters of your modules.

Fully configurable

Fully Configurable

Adapt easily the portal behavior to your business logic. With the many configuration parameters available in the portal you will be able to easily adapt it to your reality, changing quickly the localization preferences, date formats, reordering your modules, adding your payment gateways and currencies. The following are the main areas in the general configuration:

How many paramenters you can set in global configuration

  • General Configurations
    You can set the default module, set date, time and currency format, decimal precision and separator. You can also set the default language, and the limit of the languages available. You can also set the module sorting.
  • License and updates
    You'll be noticed here to update your software, it's an automatic process and the page will reload automatically. You have to submit your license key here, so that the license status will change into Active.
  • API credentials
    You're gonna insert here the APIs credentials to connect MYC portal to the platform used by you, by submitting url, username and key.
  • Portal admin user
    You're gonna insert here the admin username, password and email.
  • Theme
    You can change the basic color of portal, title and logo, the brand and if you want or not the sidebar colored, and if you are a technical user and know HTML you can easily create and set your own customized theme.
  • Dashboard
    You can quickly connect here your Facebook and Twitter business page, so your customers will see the latest news from your social media in the dashboard section.
  • Payment gateways
    You can set the currency name, code and symbol. Also You can set default currency configuration (name, code and symbol), and the API details of Paypal Express Checkout in General configuration.

Fully Modular

Configure any module from your CRM to do exactly what you need. You can configure ANY module from your CRM, including custom modules, and all the powerful features will be available for it independently if it is native or custom module you will be able to show and receive comments, get attachments from your customers, show related records, receive payments, allow your customers to update or create record, enable PDF downloads etc..


Show what you want

Give to your customers only the informations they need. Give to your customers only the informations they need. With the powerful and simple visibility condition system and views configuration you can show to your customers only the informations that they need preventing they to see unwanted data. You set one or more combined conditions to show only the records that respect that rules based on the record field values, you can use any field of the module to create your visibility conditions, including date, checkbox, picklist, multipicklist and relationship fields, also matching record values with values from the logged customer record.

How many paramenters you can set for a custom module

  • General setting
    First of all you can enable or not the module, then you can choose the label, the icon and set the visibility conditions and allowed customer profiles. You can also choose to enable or not the pdf download, the comment and the upload attachment
  • Dashboard setting
    You can choose to show the module on dashboard, with the widget type you want between pie, chart and list, and the group field.
  • Default Views
    You can set the default view, and if enable or not the other types of view between List, Grid, Kanban, Gantt and Calendar, with entries per page. You can also set the Detail view as default view for modules where only one record is found.
  • Detail View
    You can choose as many as you want field to be hidden to the customers in the detail view.
  • Create/Edit view
    You can choose to enable or not the creation/edit view, and pick how many fields you want to display or be edited.
  • Action Buttons
    You can create here your customized buttons that may have different uses and actions with the advantage to quickly get one-click reactions from your customers like close/re-open tickets, reject/approve quotations, create tickets from the product details page etc..
  • Related Module
    Automatically store customer informations, see conversation history, businesses docs and all their previous data. This allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • Enable Payment and action
    You can enable the Payment module for every module that has a numeric/currency fields, by setting Payment amount field, your Conditions and following action for success or denied payment.
  • Inventory Block
    You can choose to enable the inventory block, set the currency, inventory line fields and total fields.

Keep your data Updated

Get your crm informations updated directly from your customers. With just two few steps you can enable your customers to update or create new records in your crm specifying which fields he can fill, you can also enable your customers to upload attachments to any configured module that has a relation with the Documents module, the attachments will be automatically uploaded in your crm. The creation/edit and upload functionalities can be independently enabled for any of your module configurations, so you can easily allow your customers to edit/create only records that respect your conditions.


Infinite Combinations

Create multiple configurations for any module, forgot about limits. You may need to show to your customers different informations from the same module but creating 2 submodules in the portal, with different configurations and permissions. For example you may have a view for the “Open Tickets” with comments and attachments upload enabled and a view called “Closed Tickets” with comments and attachments upload disabled.


Dynamically adapted to the customer

You can choose to show different configurations depending on the type of logged customer using the powerful Customer Profiles system, for example you may have customers categorized as TECHNICAL and ADMINISTRATION for the same organization, where only TECHNICAL customers should see the TICKETS module.


Adapt the portal behavior to your business logic. With so many available configuration parameters you could adapt it to your reality.

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Give your customer a powerful platform perfectly suitable for any screen size, they will be happy to use it on their phones, tablet ...

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Get identified, put your style and marks, by updating your logo, show your organization infos, and create a custom dashboard.

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All your translations and language sets from your crm, any made modification will be automatically retrieved for your customers.

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The dynamic payment system allows you to accept payments from any configurable module that has a numeric field.

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Easy setup wizard, two click installation and instant updates noticed by an alert in your portal configuration area.

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