Accept payments from your customers and update your records.

Accept Payment for any Module Through PayPal And WorldPay

The dynamic payment system allows you to accept payments from any configurable module, from your customers or a specific record in your crm and update this record when the payment is received. The only important thing is that there must be a numeric field that you can set to get the import for the payment.

Update records when a Payment is processed - MYC Portal
Update records when a Payment is processed

Over the general currency configuration, you can set one or more update conditions to automatically update the values of a record field when a related payment is processed, you can create different update conditions for success payments or cancelled payments.

Payment Gateways

Configure your own gateway settings to receive payments, actually only PayPal and WorldPay are supported, but we will integrate many other providers really soon as for the flexible configuration system. If you have some special requirement please contact us, we will be happy to evaluate your request and eventually add your custom gateway.

Payment Gateways  - MYC Portal


Adapt the portal behavior to your business logic. With so many available configuration parameters you could adapt it to your reality.

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Give your customer a powerful platform perfectly suitable for any screen size, they will be happy to use it on their phones, tablet ...

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Get identified, put your style and marks, by updating your logo, show your organization infos, and create a custom dashboard.

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All your translations and language sets from your crm, any made modification will be automatically retrieved for your customers.

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The dynamic payment system allows you to accept payments from any configurable module that has a numeric field.

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Easy setup wizard, two click installation and instant updates noticed by an alert in your portal configuration area.

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