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Want to be a sales partner of MYC CRM All-in-One? We are sure that our partner program is the right one for you!

Who is the program for?

MakeYourCloud's AIO Sales Partner Program is intended for software retailers, consultants, web agencies and technical administrators who want to enhance the way their customers sell, market and support customers.

The collaboration with MakeYourCloud allows you to offer your customers a powerful all-in-one CRM with professional staff and earn commissions for every new customer you sign up.

How MakeYourCloud Partner Programs work

AFFILIATE PROGRAM: We deal with billing, managing all the different phases, we carry out the interview with the customer, we detect his needs, we provide him with the final budget of the complete platform respecting his needs. The customer can interact directly with us using our support portal, so in this case you are totally out of responsibility .

We bring the platform to our servers to ensure proper operation and backup options, for this reason the customer will pay a subscription and you will earn the commission until you remain with us, every renewal and any future invoice issued to this customer.

In this case you will be responsible for invoicing to your client and managing all communications with him, you will take care of the first interview to catch all the customer needs and you can use our customer survey as a starting point, after completing the technical survey you'll provide us with the correct information , so after analyzing your requests we will provide you a quote for the implementation of the system with all the requirements you have recorded in the technical survey , you need to create your quote to provide to your customer, you will be able to sell services/products complementary to our platform such as support, cloud space, training and customization.

In this case, you can choose to host the CRM on your servers or ask us to do so in our infrastructure .
You have the right to receive assistance only for problems on the platform, any communication from your client depends on you and your responsibilities.

Only you will have access to our support area to open support tickets. Any future customization request must be made by you, you make requests, we provide you with a budget and manage it with discounted support packages, valid only for our MYC AIO CRM.

To help you better understand the customer's needs in the different phases of the process we provide:
-CUSTOMER FIRST SURVEY (first non-technical survey for know the type of activity)
-TECHNICAL SURVEY(final survey with all the technical details of the application)

How do we handle the investigation process?

we take preliminary information about business and customer needs, there are no technical questions here, we just want to know more about the processes of business of the potential customer, the documents they process daily, the size of the business, the purpose of the software he needs right now and other questions to get a clear idea of his activities.

2 - MEETING to discuss the data obtained from the previous survey:
we plan a meeting with the customer to analyze their requirements based on the results obtained from the survey completed; here we try to get as much information as possible to complete the TECHNICAL SURVEY (this is the next step), then we take notes on customer needs in order to understand and imagine the appropriate technical solution.

after the meeting, we completed the technical survey, converting all the information taken from the customer's responses into technical operations, such as roles / permissions, workflows, automations, custom forms, extensions and anything else the customer may need; the survey guides us to make a correct quote without leaving anything to the case, all customizations are clearly written and confirmed by the customer or the retailer.

when the technical survey is completed, it is revised and confirmed we'll be able to make the final estimate, including all technical details and the final price, divided by interventions whenever possible, all operations and customizations will be recorded in this document, we like to be clear with our customers!

Ready to start?

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What do our most successful partners have in common?

Our sales partners have experience in marketing and selling SaaS products. They understand the value that cloud-based software offers to their customers and are passionate about delivering products with proven ROI.

You don't need experience with CRM to be successful with our sales partner program. You just have to show your customers that they understand their challenges and are able to explain the benefits that an all-in-one CRM will bring to their business.

MakeYourCloud sales partners believe in our solution and understand that they are solely responsible for marketing and selling software — our team will manage the rest!

Why should you collaborate with Make Your Cloud?

1 - It's easy. You sell, we implement, customize and support.
2 - Our program has a low access barrier.
3 - We have a competitive compensation plan for retailers.
4 - We will develop custom landing pages for your website.
5 - Your customers receive complete training material.
6 - Your customers receive continuous support and priority 48 hours of response.
7 - Your customers get discounted rates on support, development and customization.

What our customers say

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