Development and customization for vTiger systems

Using our vTiger customization services means you will work with a team of experienced developers.

Why start with Open Source software

We see the power in open source CRM software. Ready-to-use solutions work optimally for some companies, but we believe that the best solutions allow for customized development and the verticalization of the same.

. With vTigerCRM's open source technology, you will be able to maximize the potential of your system, shaping it according to your specific needs.

The successful implementation of vTiger CRM often includes customization to provide more efficient workflows and data analysis. Custom forms, unique fields and extensions can make the difference.

Using our vTiger customization services means you will work with a team of experienced developers. They will work to modify your system according to your individual needs, turning ideas into your head into operational solutions.

Our team has experience with the following customizations for vTiger CRM:

- Customer center: a proven customer portal has been shown to increase customer engagement and service quality. Our customization team can create a specialized self-service portal for your customers.

- Responsive themes: we can easily customize the theme of your CRM to meet the specific needs of your company.

- Custom modules: we are experts in the development of customized modules or groups of connected modules to ensure that CRM data is fully integrated with all company systems.

-Plugins and modules: custom plug-ins can extend your CRM and customer portal to other functions not foreseen at an early stage. With the help of the modules you can verticalize the CRM making it always more suitable to the needs and the needs of your business.

When personalization is not enough, our vTiger team of specialists will intervene to develop exclusive solutions for your business.

We understand that sometimes managing your business requires much more than just CRM. Perhaps you have a critical need for another application or want to share data between systems. In any case, we will work with you to develop third-party functionalities, applications and additions that meet your business needs.

Our custom development team has experience in integrating third-party software, with or without the API for vTiger CRM. We also have extensive experience:

  • Development of customized modules
  • Creation of vTiger custom workflows and schedulers
  • Development of reports, dashboards, etc.
  • Development of custom CRM apps from scratch
  • Custom themes for vTigerCRM
  • PBX Configuration, QuickBooks,
  • integration of other software with vTigerCRM
  • vTigerCRM integration with electronic billing
  • Development of customized features

We have developed customized solutions and third-party integrations for hundreds of companies worldwide. If you already have an idea in mind or want to organize a quick consultation, our team of development experts is here to help you.

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