Hosting solutions tailored to the needs of professionals

SSL certificate, mail server, database server, business applications, e-mail and other services aimed at businesses. Different ranges of dedicated servers located in the best data centers

The best hosting solution for your company

The configurations available with our dedicated hosting services are designed to provide solutions tailored to the needs of professionals: ssl certificate, mail server, database server, business applications, e-mail and other services aimed at businesses. Depending on how it is used, it may be necessary to optimize performance, therefore greater RAM capacity, larger storage space or a more powerful CPU. Furthermore, the different ranges of dedicated servers located in the best data centers stand out in terms of bandwidth and associated services. You can take advantage of an anti-DDoS system, a private network (vRack) or even hardware RAID. You will certainly find the perfect dedicated hosting for you. Dedicated server or VPS?

Virtual Private Server

With virtual private server (commonly VPS) we refer to a single instance of a system that runs in a virtual environment. A VPS server allows contained costs as they can be run together on the same hardware and based on the hyper v implementations, they can be migrated (in some cases even without service interruption) on a different hosting. This technique allows you to host multiple systems running, even with different operating systems, on the same hardware, saving on infrastructure costs. . A virtual server allows you to increase resources only when you need them and pay only when you increase them, such as a website that starts using more resources. Today a valid alternative shared hosting also for creating websites.

Dedicated Servers

With our dedicated server, you hire an entire web server for your company that will lighten the workload. A dedicated is distinguished from a Cloud instance mainly by two aspects. First of all, the performance of the machine: on a dedicated device, a virtualization level is not installed that consumes resources, thus guaranteeing its complete use. The second aspect concerns the management of the server. With a dedicated configuration control it is completely in your hands, from the machine settings to the hosted data and security. This high-performance architecture provides significantly higher performance than can be achieved with a virtual private server.

Backup Services

Anyone who has experienced the sudden onset of a total block or the loss of a server with mailboxes, web hosting, web space, websites knows the resulting frustration. Data protection and the possibility of guaranteeing service continuity on all hosting plans are important for our users and for us. More options are available for backing up and restoring instances.

Improve customer relationships by offering professional services

One of the most important aspects to ensure that vTiger installation goes smoothly is to ensure that you are hosting the platform in the appropriate environment. Your vTiger system should be installed on the latest generation linux server.

We will take care of allocating your CRM platform in the best data centers, where you can always and quickly use other services such as e-mail.

System scalability is essential.

This means ensuring your crm software an environment that can support the system today and that as your company continues to grow it can be expandable.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all this talk about technology? We understand. If you are confused or have other priorities, we have the perfect solution for you. Make Your Cloud will provide cutting-edge hosting for your system in a secure, high-speed environment. No need to go crazy looking for the perfect virtual private hosting or server platform.

The use of the Make Your Cloud hosting service allows you to get a vTigerCRM or MYC AIO CRM installation ready for use, complete with a fully responsive theme and a robust customer portal.

Another thing: if you are currently hosting a vTiger system, but you are not satisfied with the service, we will perform a system migration for you, complete with a responsive theme and a customer portal.

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