VTigerCRM installation and configuration services

We can install Vtiger on our cloud servers, provide hosting, configure it, and provide training services.

A reliable CRM solution

A fully customizable CRM is a powerful solution for managing contacts, sales, marketing and support. That's why Make Your Cloud has partnered with vTiger CRM, an open source CRM that can adapt to the needs of your business. It is the perfect platform for companies that need a little extra from their CRM. But without the proper expertise, installing and setting up vTiger can be a challenging process. Our team of experts has all the tools you need to make vTiger work quickly and smoothly.

The vTigerCRM installation must be the first well executed step

Installing vTiger requires careful testing and a meticulous setup to integrate properly with corporate workflows. Our vTiger installation service includes everything you need for proper configuration and configuration.

First of all, we will verify that the server specifications meet the requirements for vTiger installation. We have a detailed process to ensure that your server is fully compatible with vTiger. This is an important step that ensures you don't waste time managing unwanted technical problems. If we determine that your server does not meet the requirements, we will host your vTiger system on our high-speed cloud platform.

Next, we will set the key components of the vTiger platform. We will configure the main modules and test everything to make sure that the configuration works correctly.

If you already have a CRM we will migrate your data

Whether you come from another crm platform does not matter. Whether it's sales force, microsoft dynamics, or any crm system, we'll take care of the migration of your data to the new platform.

We can host your company in vTiger CRM or in the new MakeYourCloud MYC AIO CRM solution, a vtiger-based customer relationship management but optimized to compete with an Enterprise crm.


Unlike vTigerCRM Open Source MYC AIO CRM is an all-in-one solution that helps you keep track of everything related to your team, customers, sales and support.

An intuitive system, built with all the useful tools in a single solution. The platform is already configured to support a Startups, Support or Sales.

Thanks to the power of MYC's customer portal, your support team will not spend time answering simple and redundant questions. They will be available within the restricted area to solve the most critical problems of your customers.

MYC AIO CRM has a completely responsive and customizable interface, which means that you will be able to use it with all your devices, from smartphones to large desktops.

We have run over 1000 vTiger installations for companies around the world, improving their customer relationships and helping them grow. If you have difficulty installing alone or simply don't have time, our expert team is here to help.

Contact us today for a complete service vTiger installation quote or view the features of MYC AYO CRM

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