How to Use CRM to Improve Help Desk Service

The Help Desk usually manages requests through a customer portal connected to a CRM (ticket management and/or trouble management) that allows users to monitor requests by opening a special ticket identified by a unique code

A CRM for Help Desk can help automate most support tasks

The solutions of Support can be telephone support, direct and remote support.
Providing solutions by phone has the advantage of solving most of the customer's first contact problems.

Direct support, however, means that a technician must go to the customer, is very expensive, but allows a vision of the problem from the point of view of the client, as well as the establishment of a personal relationship.

Remote support, realized through special tools, such as a customer portal, allows technicians to remotely manage customer problems. It is an effective technique because it greatly reduces service time and costs but uses rather complex tools and needs to be evaluated from sector to sector. Training is the foundation of any good software investment.
I tuoi dati sono la chiave

Your Data is key

. Proper training will ensure full adoption by employees and proper software implementation. Since each department in your business will benefit from CRM differently, it is important to know the areas where you need to prioritize training for your customer service. There is little value in a CRM without data.

When communicating with your employees, be sure to emphasize the importance of entering every single interaction they have with your customers. Not entering data into the system should be serious; your job is to make sure your employees understand it. By registering all customer interactions in your CRM, your service department will find value in different areas.

Use Automation to Increase Efficiency

By using automatic replies, you can simplify initial communication with customers who access service requests. This will not only give your customers satisfaction knowing that their request has been received, but it is also an opportunity to direct them to resources where they may be able to find an answer to their question and avoid a conversation altogether.

This kind of attentive support will do wonders for the reputation of your company's service. When a request is received, you can use automation of your system as required by the requests and direct them to the correct service representative.

You do not need to handle the flow of service requests when you have a well-built CRM. When a request is entered, it will be automatically organized according to gravity and assigned to the employee with the appropriate skills to solve the customer's problem. Additionally, you can use automation to keep customers up-to-date on the status of their request via email or text message.

This increases the efficiency of your employees because they won't waste time updating your customers; instead, they can focus on troubleshooting relevant issues.

Act with data and report

Agisci con i dati
From the point of view , it is possible to improve the level of customer service of your company by analyzing the data within the system. Usually CRMs include customizable reports for all business levels. With this information, you can take steps to identify common issues, monitor the effectiveness of your support team, and improve the resolution of complaints.

By identifying common problems, you can delve into the root causes of your complaints. If you notice a recurring theme, there is likely to be a problem with product development that needs to be addressed. Monitoring the effectiveness of the support team provides coaching opportunities and data needed to make human resources decisions. And by understanding the complaints, you can take steps to prevent it from happening altogether. None of this would be possible without the powerful reporting that provides a quality CRM.
Dai ai tuoi clienti ciò di cui hanno bisogno

Give your customers what they need

and provide it with it. Today's consumer likes to be in control. If you authorize them to make things happen on their own, you will be more likely to gain their loyalty. The most well-built CRMs offer portals for customer self-service.

This will allow your customers to submit support requests through a portal on your website, stay up to date on the status of their requests, and access the FAQ or the base of knowledge of your company. In addition, you can allow your customers to view their service contracts, which will help you set expectations about your responsibilities for their service.

This not only improves customer satisfaction, but also frees service representatives by allowing them to spend time on the most pressing customer issues.


If you know how to use your CRM, it is not difficult to improve the level of customer service offered by your business.

A large CRM will have many built-in tools that will help your support team provide exceptional support and consolidate your company's reputation to provide great service.

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