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MYC Commissions Bundle

Complete solutions to manage your Salesman and their relative commissions (EN - ES - IT).
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Product Description:

MYC COMMISSIONS BUNDLE module for vTiger CRM 6.x

Languages available: EnglishItalianoEspañol

MYC Commissions Bundle is a complete solutions to manage your Salesman and their relative commissions, the bundle is composed by two modules:

  • The Commission Rates module, that will allow you to define the rules according to your business to automatically generate the commissions to pay to your salesman
  • The Commissions module, that will allow you to see all the commissions generated automatically according to your rules, then keep track and of the payment status for your commissions.

The following are some of the main features you will find in our modules:

  • set specific commissions for each salesman;
  • set commission levels then generate your commissions hierarchy;
  • relate commission rates to the most important entity types on your crm, then you don’t need to create a new user to define a salesman, now you could define as salesman your contacts, organizations, vendors, or users;
  • relate the commission rates to Quotes, SalesOrders or Invoices, and you can create as many different rates you need, so you are free to create different commission rates applied to this modules;
  • specify a condition when the commission should be applied, so for example only when the related entity has a specific product, or a product with a specific field value (e.g. products in a given category);
  • relate commissions to product and services;
  • specify different type of commission rate, for example it could be a fixed amount, a fixed percentage on the entity total or the percentage of the total for each single product that match the specified conditions;
  • rapidly track commissions related to your salesman, orders, invoices, quotes;
  • track the paid commissions and the commissions that you still have to pay.


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Complete solutions to manage your Salesman and their relative commissions (EN - ES - IT).
20% Spring Promotion 159€



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