MYC Customer Portal

The only alternative to the vTiger CRM Customer Portal which guarantees a homogeneous and efficient insertion method for its customers and a perfect integration with vTiger Open Source.
vTiger Customer Portal


The possibility to have the best customer portal experience for your customers and to find the necessary information for the sale and the real-time registries.

Thanks to MYC Customer Portal you will have all the information of your customers under control, an extra to improve your own CRM solution and precisely manage your personal data, guaranteeing a homogeneous and efficient integration method and a perfect integration with vTiger open source.

Buy now the only fully customizable customer portal, compatible with vTiger CRM 6.x and 7.x

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Where can i find MYC vTiger Customer Portal?
You can purchase/donwload it from our store
With which vtiger version is compatible the MYC Portal?
I want to offer my portal-user to edit only specific fields from his (contacts) fields. In other words: to choose fields portal-user can see.
Does PDFMaker work on MYC vTiger Customer Portal?
Can I create two different 'views' of a module showing different fields and actions?
Does the MYC Portal PRO offer themes? Or will the themes be bought extra?
On the backend, i didn't see payment functions. Where are they?
How works the "Download PDF", button?
Is it possible that a customer can create ticket only from his asset list and associate the asset with that ticket?
Can I install in the root of CRM?
Mcrypt is required, how can I check if mcrypt is installed?
The MYC portal is just for external users you want to access the CRM like your customers or is it for internal users too?
Is it possible for my customers to download and upload a document to the CRM using MYC Customer Portal?
So in VTIGER then I would allow my customer to access the portal, and the email that gets sent out, it usually has the password and the link to the portal. by installing your version, will I have to amend the auto email to reflect the new link?
Does the MYC Customer Portal manage the payments? How many payment gateways are available?
With MYC Customer Portal can I get support included?

How to Update MYC Customer Portal for vTiger CRM

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7 Key Features of the MYC Customer Portal

With the MYC portal, you’re able to configure each important aspect of your CRM to meet the specific needs of your business--and extend its features to your loyal customers.

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Size Small, Medium & Large
Color Pink & White
Waist 26 cm
Length 40 cm
Chest 33 inches
Fabric Cotton, Silk & Synthetic
Warranty 3 Months
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