MYC STORE - Rainbow - Vtiger 7 Customizable Responsive Theme

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Rainbow - Vtiger 7 Customizable Responsive Theme

Rainbow Theme, the ultimate responsive and customizable vTigerCRM 7 theme available for 7.0.0, 7.0.1, 7.1 vtiger versions.


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299 € 239,00

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Product Description:

After many customization request, we though that this will be the best option for our customers, a totally responsive theme easily customizable, the simple and dynamic customization options will allow you to create your perfect style from thousand of combinations.



-CUSTOMIZABLE FONT: You can chose your preferred font from hundreds of available fonts maintained from google, simply chose your favourite font from the following url:

-DYNAMIC FONT ZOOM: To improve the usability of he CRM it’s possible change the font size all around the CRM with a simple slide, you can choose 7 different levels of font zoom

-CUSTOM COLORS SCHEME: You can reate you theme color scheme choosing 3 different colors that will apply to the main layout elements of your crm: top bar, menu, page, modals, buttons, block headers etc.. , to pick the colors you can use the advanced color picker available in the theme customization interface or paste your HEX color code.

-DYNAMIC ROUNDED BORDERS: With a simple slide you can round all the borders of your theme elements, you can choose 6 different intensities from totally squared to totally rounded borders.

-SELECTABLE MENU STYLE: for each skin you’ll be able to set your preferred menu style, actually you can chose two different style “Top Menu Dropdown” and “Sidebar Menu”


-REDUCED SPACING: to improve the usability we reduced all the spacing in the layout elements, this means that now there’s more space to show your data, especially on mobile devices.

-14 BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENT STYLES: we created for you 14 different default style that you can just pick and apply, but you can also duplicate it to use as inspiration starting point then apply your customizations to create your perfect style

VTPremiumIcon.png Fully compatible with most popular VTExperts modules: Listview colors, Masked fieldinput, Tooltip Manager, Job Scheduler, Field Autofill, Advanced Menu Manager, Related Block & List, VTE Custom Builder, VTE Custom Login.

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