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Se7en - Vtiger 7 Theme

New clean and clear beautiful responsive theme available for 7.0.0, 7.0.1 vtiger versions.

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Product Description:

A new generation of fully responsive themes for vTiger 7.

With the improved customer experience, due to the new modern layout, we made it fully responsive and usable.

We improved the user experience design, and improved the new Menu Sidebar on left, all the related modules, and redesigned Module Summary, Detail and Edit View.

Theme Features


Fully responsive
Redesigned Login
Page preload
Redesigned css buttons
Redesigned navigation menu sidebar in mobile
Quick Create in mobile
Sidebar module in mobile
Related module in mobile
User & Preferences link in mobile
Redesigned all modules header in mobile
Redesigned Mail Manager in mobile
Redesigned Module Summary, Detail and Edit View
  One click install module
  User based layout selection
  Real fully responsive design
  Compatible with custom modules
  Fully customizable
  Easy theme uninstall
  Multi layout support

VTPremiumIcon.png Fully compatible with most popular VTExperts modules: Listview colors, Masked fieldinput, Tooltip Manager, Job Scheduler, Field Autofill, Advanced Menu Manager, Related Block & List, VTE Custom Builder, VTE Custom Login.

Version 1.2 [FIXES & NEW]

Bug in module quick create popups
Improved Home Dashboard
Improved Edit view on mobile device
Improved List view scroll on mobile device
Improved tooltip view
CSS optimizations

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A new clean and clear beautiful responsive theme available for 7.0.0, 7.0.1 vtiger versions.

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Reseller Pack Mazzy
477,00 €

Valid for Mazzy theme , First Level Support for the first year, New Releases and Regular Updates.



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