You can find tutorials on how to install MYC vTigerCRM themes, and tutorials on how to setup MYC Customer Portal, configure and personalizeit.

Welcome to MYC Tutorials Section

We are really happy to see you! Here you will find useful information on how to setup and configure the MYC products, we hope this section will help you to solve most of your question and our mission is to expand this section in the near future.

How to Update MYC Customer Portal for vTiger CRM

Welcome back to the tutorials section of the MYC blog. Today’s tutorial will walk you through how to update the MYC Customer...

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How to Set Up MYC Themes for vTiger CRM

Setting up your CRM’s new theme is a quick, 5-step process that you’ll perform using the MYCThemeSwitcher. It’s important to note these are the steps you take after you purchase and initially download your new theme

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How To Quickly Integrate Your Website With MYC Customer Portal

You’ll learn how easy is to connect your website or your blog with your support portal to allow your customer to login or register directly in your CRM.

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Quick Tip: How To Install MYC Customer Portal For vTiger CRM

As in the Make Your Cloud blog, customer portals are one of the best ways to maximize a CRM investment. They're dynamic and powerful system extensions that help streamline customer communications, improve customers support experiences, and solidify lifelong customer relationships.

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How to add or customize icons on BePo or Se7en vTigerCRM Theme

Due to the many customized modules around vTigerCRM, here is a tutorial on how to add missing icons, and how to customize them.

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View types in MYC Customer Portal

Thanks to the MYC Customer Portal, as seen before, we have the chance to enable all the native modules of vTigerCRM and the custom ones in the Customer Portal. This could create many and different types of view. For example, we need a default view as a list on the Invoice module, so that we could see all the records in columns, or ,for example we could need the gantt view on Project module, cos we have the need to share with the customer the progress status of the tasks. Another example could be the need to show a calendar, to share for example, the information about the courses, or the events dates.

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Customer records up-to-date in MYC Customer Portal

Keeping your customer information always up to date is vital, by failing you could be throwing money down the drain. Take a look at this example of a typical process of business needs, solution, and what's changed.

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Customer Profiles with vtiger CRM and MYC Customer Portal

Thanks to this function, already included in MYC Customer Portal PRO, you could manage different access groups, that will have different permissions and configurations.

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