You can find tutorials on how to install MYC vTigerCRM themes, and tutorials on how to setup MYC Customer Portal, configure and personalizeit.

Welcome to MYC Tutorials Section

We are really happy to see you! Here you will find useful information on how to setup and configure the MYC products, we hope this section will help you to solve most of your question and our mission is to expand this section in the near future.

PDF Maker and MYC Customer Portal for vTigerCRM

Thanks to a new feature in PDFMaker Its4you, now it's possible to export pdf documents from any module of vTigerCRM in our MYC Customer Portal.

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Customer records up-to-date in MYC Customer Portal

Keeping your customer information always up to date is vital, by failing you could be throwing money down the drain. Take a look at this example of a typical process of business needs, solution, and what's changed.

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Customer Profiles with vtiger CRM and MYC Customer Portal

Thanks to this function, already included in MYC Customer Portal PRO, you could manage different access groups, that will have different permissions and configurations.

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Configuration of Invoice Module in MYC Customer Portal

As all modules, we would have many tabs sections for different configurations, like GENERAL, VIEWS, DETAILS VIEW, RELATED MODULES, INVENTORY BLOCK, PAYMENT (this last configuration is always available only if the module has some numeric field)

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