Installing vTiger requires obviously attention and carefully test, in order to better integrate vTiger into your business logic.

Our vTiger installation service give you the vTiger CRM setup and first configuration, on your own server, then give you a perfectly working vTiger instance ready to use, or even give you an affordable VPS to host your crm, obviously with your new vTiger CRM up and ready for production!

We carefully set up also the installation of our MYC Customer Portal, one of the most important component of vTiger. If you have special needs, we can do customizations and personal implementations, and give you the portal installed and configured, ready to be used by your customers, or even ready to be delopeved with special requests!

Another important service is the installation of MYC Responsive Theme for vTiger. So, if you want a new powerful look of your vTiger, we can make the installation of our MYCThemeSwitcher to style your vTiger, from 6x to 7x version.

So, if you have some difficult with the setup, or you just don't have time to do it, please contact us today. We could help you to get it up and ready in some hours.

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