Easy steps to configure your MYC products!

How To Setup Your New MYC vTigerCRM Theme:

  • 1 Go to ModuleManager tool - Go to your crm in the ModuleManager tool, you can open it through the Add/Manage Modules link at the bottom of your vTiger modules menu or in the configuration page on the left menu.
  • 2 Import from Zip - At the bottom of the ModuleManager page click on Import from Zip, load your theme zip, and complete the setup steps.
  • 3 MYCThemeSwitcher - If it's successfully installed and activated (by using the check at the left of the new imported module named MYCThemeSwitcher) you'll find the new link MYCThemeSwitcher on your modules menu under the Tools submenu, click on this link to go to your new layout switcher. On the main page of the MYCThemeSwitcher module you should see 2 layouts, the vTiger Default one, and your new installed MYC Layout, but you can’t yet apply it because you need to activate the license key.
  • 4 License Key - Copy the license keyfor your theme (you can find it in our customer area) then paste it in the License Key box at the bottom of your new theme in the MYCThemeSwitcher main page, then click on Activate link.
  • 5 Apply - If the license is correct then the page should reload and you should now see the links to apply the theme on the bottom of your MYC Theme box, by clicking on the Apply link you should immediately see the new layout applied.

Check these following tips to switch your theme, do some test or deactivate license:

ADDITIONAL CHECK (in case of any problem after the layout is applied): please check that the following files had been replaced with the encrypted one (opening it you should see unreadable string), the files you should check are located at the following paths:

  • - includes/runtime/Viewer.php
  • - includes/runtime/Controller.php
  • - includes/runtime/Javascript.php
  • - includes/runtime/Theme.php
  • - modules/CustomView/views/EditAjax.php

If for some reason you find some official vTiger file (readable strings) between the following file paths, then you should replace his content (after doing a proper backup of the original one) with the correspondent encrypted file you will find at path “YOURCRMROOT/modules/MYCThemeSwitcher/theme_src/myc_patch/FILENAMETOREPLACE.php.

SWITCH SKIN: you could use the standard skin switcher on the right sidebar or in your user preferences to change the color scheme, this preference will persist across the various layout, included the default one from vTiger.

DE-ACTIVATE LICENSE: simply click on the “Deactivate” red butto on the top of your MYC Layout on your MYCThemeSwitcher module main page.

TEST INSTANCES: to bee free to do your tests you will be able to activate your layout keys on many instances you need on the same domain name, for example with one license you could activate the following urls: yourdomain.com , yourdomain.com/crmtest2 , yourdomain.com/crmtest2 , etc…

INSTALL A SECOND MYC THEME: simply do the same process with the new module zip provided, the only difference will be that on step 2 the module manager will notify you that the MYCThemeSwitcher module exist yet, then you can just click on “Update” then proceed with the setup.



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