MYC Vtiger Theme

New professional fully responsive vTiger CRM themes, available for 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 vtiger versions
Due to our New FALLBACK SYSTEM our themes are fully compatible with vTiger, you could easily install our fully responsive myc crm themes through the Module Manager in just one click.
Grid layout view with main image preview
Note: (only with Mazzy theme)

New grid layout view available for entity modules, also for custom modules, with main image preview in Products and Contact grid view.

Direct access to related modules with live related entries count, direct access to related comments and to related activities (updates). Icon direct access to grid layout from left modules sidebar .


One click install module, from your Module Manager

No more copy/paste required, our new themes are fully compatible with vtiger module manager, it means you would be able to setup and apply your new MYC vTiger Theme directly from your browser, in a few clicks and without using any ftp client.

MYC Theme Switcher install

User based layout selection compatible with vtiger roles

A totally new feature added to your CRM, each user could be able to set his preferred layout, obviously you will be able to set a layout globally (for all users) then enable only some user to change layout using the standard vtiger user role/permission system.

MYC Theme Switcher apply

Real fully responsive design (no layout switch required)

This time we are giving you a really fully responsive theme for your vTigerCRM, no more tables and no layout/skin switch required. You don't need to switch anymore, our themes will simply adapt to fit better your screen/window size.


9 different color skins like standard vtiger pattern

In addition to our 3 colors scheme we give you 6 new skins, because we care about you and we want you and your users to feel the most familiar as possible with the new themes, so each skin will try to respect its relative standard vtiger color pattern.

MYC Theme Dandy - twilight pattern
MYC Theme Dandy - bluelagoon pattern
MYC Theme Dandy - firebrick pattern
MYC Theme Dandy - alphagrey pattern
MYC Theme Begbie - almond pattern
MYC Theme Begbie - bluelagoon pattern
MYC Theme Begbie - twilight pattern
MYC Theme Begbie - woodspice pattern

Compatible with custom modules

Due to our new fallback system our theme are fully compatible with most of The custom modules you can find for vTiger, and you don't need to do any change to our theme if you will install a new module after our theme.

MYC Theme Switcher compatible

Fully customizable

If you have a bit of css/html knowledge then you will be happy to hear that our themes source files (html and css) are open and you can easily customize it to fit your needs.

Easy theme uninstall

Just bored about our theme (We don't hope this) ? You simply need to deactivate our Theme Switcher module using The standard vTiger module builder.

Multi layout support

With our new Theme Switcher module you will be able to setup and activate all the MYC vTiger themes and easily switch between layouts, even if you are not using vtiger 6.4



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