Content Management System, Electronic Commerce and CRM

Our development strategy for a website starts with a powerful professional Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS)

Our web development strategy starts with a powerful professional Content Management System. A cms (content management system) is the starting point of a web project, and as they say those who start well are already halfway there. Being experts in programming languages, it allows us to create customized solutions on the front end and connect them to back office management tools, such as your CRM. Unlike Wordpress, or Joomla our CMS leaves no room for messy developments or vulnerabilities. Easy to use, scalable and allows you to keep control of your content easily. Managing a dynamic site for your business or e-commerce site can be really easy for your organization even if you do not have special technical knowledge.

Websites E-commerce

An e-commerce needs continuous monitoring to assess the impact it has on search engines and consumers in order to be constantly improved. Furthermore, the Internet is constantly updated: one must always be at the forefront and keep up with new techniques so as not to fail. Our developers will use their skills to create a unique e-commerce platform that seamlessly communicates with your website and CRM, making product sales and online management a breeze.

Personalized solutions

By basing our development on a strong content management system, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions for your business. Our modern development platform allows you to create features without restrictions, which means you can scale your online and management technology at the same speed as your business. We will help you in online sales, providing you with a platform in line with the law of privacy, therefore for the protection of your personal data. E commerce will handle payments with paypal or credit card, and your main social media can be integrated to share your products with the whole world!

We have experience with CRM integration, data migration, APIs and much more. Tell our team what you need and we'll make it come true!

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